Hi Guys,

Adult live-streaming site CAM4 have just leaked millions of users’ private chats, emails, names, email addresses, sexual preferences, chat logs and more.

In a report published on Monday, Safety Detectives’s Jim Wilson said that the firm’s security team doesn’t know exactly how many users were involved, but the size of the breach is enormous

Nearly 11 Billion user records were found on an unsecured server and includes the following:

  • First and last names
  • Email addresses
  • Country of origin
  • Gender preference and sexual orientation
  • Payments logs including credit card type and amount paid
  • User conversation logs with the models
  • Transcripts of email correspondence
  • Inter-user conversations
  • Chat transcripts between users and CAM4

Have you ever used this website? If so please do the following straight away:

  • Change your password right away and never use the same password twice
  • Send an email to them and let them know that you are aware of the breach and ask them to provide you confirm if any of your personal data was included in the leak.
  • If you paid for any services you may need to take further security measures like getting a new credit card, or at least advising your bank that your credit card details we involved in a leak and to freeze the card for any unusual activity.

As you can imagine hacker and scammers are going to have a field day with this information. You can expect a massive spike in Sextortion case so please be on the look out.

I will keep you posted as we get more information.


Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care.