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Brian Gallagher

 I have Avast for my security on ALL my devices, and Incognito has found viral loads that Avast had missed! I’m super impressed with this app and especially with its DEVELOPERS who OBVIOUSLY CARE about their GREATER GOOD, and prefer HELPING people as opposed to hurting them. I only wish I could give …

Will Obrien

Does exactly what it says it does and keeps you up to date on Spyware as well as latest malewhere attacks. Edit: while still on free version the face book scam was discovered, I heard it here and told friends about what they were doing and they should check permissions, shut off microphone phone, ca…

Mist Ical

Wonderful app. It’s been super informative about news regarding data breaches, hacking, etc. that I would otherwise have no clue about. You get letters from the app developer that explain the issues so they’re easy to understand, and the phone scan feature is very thorough. I have the free version, …

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Anti-Spy and Cyber Privacy Protection. 

Your phones have become the epicentre of your digital world. It’s your calendar, your bank, your office, your GPS, your wallet and so much more. There are so many ways in how smart devices have made our world easier, faster and way more convenient. But as your doorway to the internet, connected to so many accounts and services, your phone and your data are vulnerable to attack.

From widespread scams, hacks, data breaches to spyware attacks by someone you may know, there are all kinds of risks to your personal information and it’s up to you to ensure you are fully protected. Reaching beyond the limits of other protection applications, Incognito protects your privacy, your data and your device.

Designed to be really easy to use, Incognito is a suite of extremely sophisticated tools in the palm of your hand, that protects, detects, and monitors your privacy both on your device and online. Incognito is the only product that protects your privacy like no other.


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Incognito scans devices over 500,000 time every month

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