Protecting your privacy

Incognito anti spyware and anti surveillance is easy to use and is highly effective…

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Spyware Detector & Remover

Legal spyware is cheap, widely available, easy to use and can be installed on your device in less than a few minutes. Incognito will scan, find and remove this type of spyware from your device.


Incognito scans your device for known spyware and surveillance tools.


Incognito detects spyware that has been installed on your device.


Incognito will remove the spyware in just a few seconds.

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Website Checker

Website links are one of the most common ways to send malicious software/malware to devices.
Now you can check all those links you receive with Incognito’s Website Checker in two easy steps.

Step 1:

Just copy and paste the link into the Website Link Checker

Step 2:

Incognito will check the address and let you know if it is safe or not.

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Hack Check

Data breaches happen everyday, billions of records have been leaked online and are often sold on the dark web. Now you can find out if your accounts or information have been leaked.

Step 1:

Type one of your email address’s into the Incognito Hack Check.

Step 2: Result & Secure

If your account has been compromised, Incognito will let you know when and how it was leaked.

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Messenger Monitor

Is someone spying on your WhatsApp? Messenger Monitor can check your messenger apps to ensure there is no-one else reading your messages.

Monitor :

Incognito automatically monitors your messenger apps


If an unauthorised connection is detected, you will be alerted


Incognito will remove the unauthorised connection

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App Audit

We all have so many apps for many different things. But do you actually know what access you give them to your private information? So many apps unnecessarily request access to your location, your camera, your mic and much more. Find out what permissions the apps on your device actually have and manage them with Incognito App Audit.


Scan your device


Incognito will list all the apps on your device and the permissions and access they have.


You can then decide whether to keep the app on your device, delete it or limit/remove the permissions it has.

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Privacy Alerts and Notifications

Hacks, scams, data breaches, ransomware attacks, security vulnerabilities emerge every day, that threaten your privacy and information.

Get up to the minute information and alerts about the latest and emerging threats directly to your device. Along with information on how to react and how to protect your device and your privacy.

Privacy Care Service: Talk to an expert

Incognito Privacy Care is a service provided by our Cybersecurity Experts. You can directly contact one of our experts with your specific issue. They will guide you through your issue and find a solution.

Privacy Guide

The Incognito Privacy Guide was created by our Cyber Security Experts to empower everyone to be able to protect their devices and their privacy. This comprehensive guide explains the risks to your privacy and your areas of vulnerability. The easy to follow step by step guide will help you understand what you need to do.

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