Hi guys,

In a recent Twitter post, The hacktivist group Anonymous posted links to over 128 Gigabytes of data stolen during a recent hack into the Russian government’s primary internet service provider, Convex. The data reveals information about a surveillance program that the Russian government is operating. The spying program, codenamed ‘Green atom’, includes capabilities for the unauthorized wiretapping, espionage, and warrantless surveillance of civilians, which are against the country’s laws.

Anonymous claims that Russia’s Federal Security Service operates Green Atom and how it can spy on its citizens’ Internet and phone usage.

The data also includes records of thousands of Russian citizens targeted by this program.

I will not post a link to the data here as it is pretty serious stuff, but anyone can find it by searching for the website ‘DDoSecrets’. The data is still sitting there for anyone to access and download.

You can safely assume that no matter where you are in the world, your government is listening to you in some capacity. Always be careful what you say, even if you think it is innocent. What might be an innocent comment now might be something you regret a year from now. The Internet (and the dark web!) is not a safe place for free speech. Everything you say and do is recorded and used to build your profile.

All the best,

Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care Team