Hey guys,

I hope you are well and that you had a great weekend. All is good here. I am just back from a few days in the mountains and feeling refreshed! It is amazing, the regenerative power of just sitting on a mountain for a few days. Mother nature has a way of taking away all your worries 🙂

Anyway, here is today’s tip 🙂

WhatsApp is always working on improvements. Some lucky users, called beta testers, get to try out new features before everyone else. One of the latest updates involves a makeover for the Security Notifications section.

This change is part of the Android WhatsApp version In this version, the Security Notifications page sports a new image and a clear message: “WhatsApp protects your privacy.”

Under this headline, there’s more information about how the app keeps your messages private using something called end-to-end encryption. The page also includes larger bullet points highlighted with green icons. These icons underline the features that not even WhatsApp or its parent company can read, demonstrating the app’s dedication to user privacy.

The new update is already available on certain devices, such as the Google Pixel 6a. Although it won’t change the way you use WhatsApp, it draws attention to the app’s focus on security. WhatsApp is doing its best to reassure users that their private information stays private, especially considering recent concerns about online privacy.

Get a Sneak Peek at the New WhatsApp Security Notifications

The updated look is gradually being introduced to beta testers. Some already have it, and others will see it in the coming days. If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself and maybe even testing other features before they’re public, you can become a beta tester.

How to Become a WhatsApp Beta Tester

  1. Visit the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Search for ‘WhatsApp.’
  3. Scroll down on the app’s page until you see a section titled ‘Become a beta tester.’
  4. Tap on ‘I’m In,’ then confirm your choice on the pop-up message.
  5. Wait for a few minutes, then update your app to the beta version.

Remember, beta versions might have a few bugs, as they’re still in testing. But being a beta tester allows you to explore new features before everyone else!

Let me know if you need anything at all. We are here to help so please just reach out.

Talk soon and sending you and your family all the best.

Cheers, Max