Hey guys,

I hope you are well 🙂 WhatsApp has introduced the new Passkeys feature for upgraded protection on your Android device, enhancing both security and convenience by eliminating the need for conventional two-factor SMS authentication.

It’s going to be rolled out slowly over the coming weeks and months, so please keep WhatsApp up to date on your phone. In the meantime, here is everything you need to know:

Overview of WhatsApp’s Passkey Feature:

* No More Passwords: Instead of remembering passwords, you can now use a passkey to log into your WhatsApp account.
* Multiple Unlock Options: Choose between face scan, fingerprint scan, or PIN to access your account.
* Easy Setup: Activate the feature through WhatsApp’s settings to start using passkeys.

Benefits of Using Passkeys:

* Simplifies Access: Log into your account quickly without needing to type passwords.
* Enhances Security: Passkeys are more secure, reducing the risk of account breaches.
* Resists Phishing: Unlike passwords, passkeys are not vulnerable to phishing attempts, making it safer for users.

Thats all folks!