Hi Guys, If you are a user of WhatsApp I am sure you have heard of a feature called ‘Delete for Everyone’ that lets you delete messages, photos, and videos from an individual’s phone, or from everyone in a group. The only problem is that doesn’t delete them from an iPhone even though it says it has been deleted for everyone. According to Shitesh Sachan, an application security consultant, who found this privacy issue and shared his findings exclusively with The Hacker News, the feature for WhatsApp for iOS has not been designed to delete received media files saved in the iPhone’s Camera Roll.What can you do? * At the moment there is no fix for this issue and it does not look like there is one coming. * At the moment you cannot rely on the delete for everyone. It will 100% not delete a message you send to an iPhone and it is not guaranteed to work on Android so you have to assume it does not work at all. * Only send messages that you do not think you will need to delete or take back. Please let me know if you need any more information about this or about anything else. Thanks Max Roberts, Incognito Privacy Care