Hello everyone,

Leading cybersecurity firm Kaspersky has recently discovered 11 applications, currently accessible on both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, which carry malicious intent. These applications, while appearing harmless and useful, harbor malware that triggers costly subscription fees without delivering any significant return to the user.

Once installed, these apps silently sign you up for expensive subscriptions without your explicit consent. We urge you to examine your devices for these applications and, if found, remove them immediately.

The deceptive applications are as follows:

  1. Beauty Camera Plus
  2. Beauty Photo Camera
  3. Beauty Slimming Photo Editor
  4. Fingertip Graffiti
  5. GIF Camera Editor
  6. HD 4K Wallpaper
  7. Impressionism Pro Camera
  8. Microclip Video Editor
  9. Night Mode Camera Pro
  10. Photo Camera Editor
  11. Photo Effect Editor

If you encounter any issues during this process or require further assistance, our privacy care team is available round-the-clock, seven days a week. We’re here to support you at all times.

Stay safe,

Best Regards, Max Roberts