Hi guys,

If you are a user of PayPal, you need to reset your password and turn on two-factor authentication. PayPal has just announced that 35,000 user accounts have been illegally accessed by hackers using credential-stuffing attacks.

Credential stuffing attacks are where hackers use a password that they have retrieved from various dark web marketplaces in the hopes that you use the same passwords across all of your accounts. If they get one of your passwords, they attempt to log into every single account you own, and in this case, they have been successful, with 35,000 user accounts breached.

PayPal has said that the credential stuffing attack occurred between December 6 and December 8, 2022, and they are urging their users to reset their passwords urgently to keep their accounts safe.

If your account has been accessed, hackers can see your transaction history, they will be able to see the credit or debit cards that are connected to your accounts, and they will also be able to attempt to move money from your account.

Please treat this as urgent and reset your password now. Also, please set up two-factor authentication to keep your account as secure as possible.

Please let us know if you need any assistance with this, and we will be more than happy to help you.

All the best,