Hi Guys,
A new vulnerability has been found in your Android camera app that can allow other apps to record video, take pictures, and extract GPS data from media without having the required permissions. This vulnerability is affecting hundreds of milllions of Android devices.
This vulnerability is extremely dangerous as it could allow apps that normally do not have permission, to do the following
Take pictures and videos even if the phone is locked or the screen is off. Extract GPS location data from stored photos. Listen in on two-way conversations even when recording video and taking pictures. Silence the camera shutter so that victim’s cant hear when pictures are taken.Transfer historical videos and photos stored on the SD card
How do you protect yourself?
1. You need to update the camera app on your phone to the latest version. Google have fixed the issue but you need to update the camera app in order to be protected.
2. I also suggest that you cover your camera with some tape while you are not using it (we are launching privacy covers soon that will allow you to cover your camera when it is not in use)
Please let me know if you need any help in relation to this. Max Roberts, Incognito Privacy Care

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