Hi Guys,

Facebook has just fixed a critical bug in Instagram that allows an attacker to take over a target account partially. The flaw was discovered by security researcher Neeraj Sharma, who showed how he could change the reel thumbnails of target Instagram users.

As explained in his post:

“This bug allowed malicious actor/s to change the thumbnail of any reels on Instagram. To perform this attack, only the Media ID of the target user’s reel was required. Within the Triad of C-I-A, Integrity was violated and the Accessibility of the victim was totally disregarded by the actions of the attacker”

The good news is that Facebook has now patched the vulnerability, and they also paid Neeraj $49,500 to say thank you. You see, hacking for good can be financially rewarding as well as just a good thing to do :-).

Make sure you are running the latest Instagram version on all your devices, and you are good to go.

All the very best,

Max Roberts,
Incognito Privavy Care Team