Hi guys,

I hope you’re well. I want to bring to your attention a severe problem with a popular real estate application called MyEstatePoint Property Search app. We have just received reports that nearly half a million users of this application have exposed their personal information due to a vulnerability or insecurity in the app.

The exposed data includes:

  • First and last names.
  • Plain-text passwords.
  • Mobile phone numbers.
  • Email addresses.
  • Sign-up methods.
  • Users’ city and business descriptions. 

If you have this application installed, remove it immediately and reset the passwords for other accounts that have been using the same password as this application. Furthermore, watch for unsolicited emails (or spearfishing attacks), as the data can target you in all sorts of cyber attack methods.

Please let me know if you need any assistance with this or anything else, and if you think it is relevant, please pass this on to anybody who might be affected.

I wish you all the best,
Max Roberts
Incognito Privacy Care Team.