Hi Guys,

I hope that you had a nice weekend. As promised, here is the update about the serious flaws found in the popular GO SMS Pro messaging app.

In brief, a serious security flaw was discovered which would allow anyone to view all messages, photos and videos transferred between users. As the app has over one hundred million users between the iOS and Android platforms this could be a serious problem for many people. You can still read the original tip, it’s linked below in the related content sections.

As of today this massive security flaw has not been fixed and Google have now completely removed the app from the Play Store. It is also likely that Apple will follow suit and remove it from the App Store too.

If you haven’t removed GO SMS Pro already, I suggest you remove it now. If they have not fixed it by now I would not hold much hope for it being fixed anytime soon. The original big was reported to them in February 2020 so if it is not fixed by now I would not hold out much hope.

All the best,
Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care Team.