Hi Guys,

If you receive the following message on WhatsApp or Facebook, it is a hoax. Although it looks compelling, it is 100% a scam. Please delete it and do not forward it to anyone. Please also do not click on any links in the message, as they could be loaded with malware. The message itself, which Malwarebytes Labs first discovered, can change slightly but looks something like this:

“Dear friends, this is a warning aired on BBC radio this morning: If you are a WhatsApp user, please pay attention. A video titled ‘Martinelli’ will be released tomorrow. Please don’t open it – it will hack your phone, and the impact cannot be reversed.

Also, do not click RUN if you receive a message about updating WhatsApp. Please also warn your friends not to open a ‘Pope’s dance video. That video will change the combinations in your phone. Be careful because it is very dangerous.”

Thanks and have a great rest of your day 🙂

Max Roberts,

Incognito Privavy Care Team.