Hi Guys,

If you are one of the many millions worldwide struggling to make ends meet during the holiday period, please be extra careful about applications on the Google and Apple stores offering you access to fast cash by giving you a loan. It is a scam that will only make things worse.

Scumbag malware creators are running hundreds of applications that take advantage of people’s financial vulnerabilities by offering them fast loans. In reality, they collect all of the highly personal information that you provide to them during the application process and, in turn, use it to blackmail you by threatening to send the information to your contacts and also posting on social media.

Some apps even give you a small loan, but at exorbitant and illegal interest rates, and if you don’t pay what is now a ransom, they threaten to send your financial details to everyone on your contact list.

The research team from Lookout Security compiled over 300 predatory loan apps, which you can view HERE. You can also read the full write-up HERE. Please avoid these apps at all costs; it is not worth it.

Sending you all the best and as always, please let me know if you need anything at all 🙂


Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care Team.