Hey everyone 🙂

Today, let’s talk about a critical issue: email hacking. How can you tell if your email’s been compromised, and what can you do to keep it secure? Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Spotting the Signs:
    • Can’t log in? Your password might have been changed.
    • Check your sent emails for anything you don’t recognize.
    • Look out for password reset emails or security alerts you didn’t initiate.
  2. If You’ve Been Hacked:
    • Immediately change your password to something strong and unique.
    • Review and update your account details and security questions.
    • Run a malware scan on your device to check for any threats.
  3. Preventive Measures:
    • Strong passwords are a must – and change them regularly.
    • Two-factor authentication adds an extra security layer.
    • Stay sharp: don’t click on suspicious links or share sensitive info.
    • Keep your devices secure with updated antivirus software.

By staying vigilant and following these tips, you can greatly enhance the security of your email account.

For any specific advice or support, our Privacy Care Team is always here to help. We’ve assisted over 70,000 people and protect millions more worldwide, so don’t hesitate to reach out for personalized support.

Stay safe, Max Roberts