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Another day, another cyber security threat! Today I want to talk to you about an attack called Clickjacking. I will explain it and then tell you how to protect yourself against it.

Imagine receiving a pop-up for a free giveaway and, without hesitation, you click on it. But here’s a twist: What if that click, instead of securing your entry into a giveaway, subscribed you to an unwanted service or, even worse, shared your confidential data? This deceptive technique, which camouflages a malicious click under a seemingly harmless button, is Clickjacking.

Simply put, Clickjacking manipulates you into clicking something risky, while you believe you’re interacting with something innocuous.

Clickjacking Implications

  • Unintended Actions: Your click might perform an unwanted action, such as liking a page or sharing content, without your intent.
  • Data Threat: Your personal information, like login credentials or sensitive data, may be captured or shared without your knowledge.
  • Unwanted Charges: Clickjacking might inadvertently lead you to make purchases or subscribe to paid platforms.

Shielding Against Clickjacking: Practical Tips

  1. Keep Your Browser Updated: Regularly update your web browser. This not only enhances functionality but also improves security against threats like clickjacking.
  2. Leverage Security Software: Implement antivirus and anti-malware solutions to monitor and neutralize potential threats that might jeopardize your digital security and privacy.
  3. Enable Click Protection:
    • Google Chrome: Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Privacy and Security’ > ‘Security’ and then enable ‘Enhanced protection’ under Safe Browsing.
    • Mozilla Firefox: Navigate to ‘Options’ > ‘Privacy & Security’ > ‘Security’ and ensure that ‘Enable Safe Browsing’ is checked.
    • Microsoft Edge: Click on ‘Settings’ > ‘Privacy, search, and services’ > ‘Services’ and turn on ‘Microsoft Defender Smartscreen’.

In our digital world, vigilance is paramount. By understanding threats like clickjacking and practicing safe online behaviors, we can ensure a secure and pleasant online journey.

That’s it! You now know what Clickjacking is and you know how to protect yourself from it.

Let us know if we can do anything to help you more if you need advice.

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