Hi guys,

As you’ve read from the many tips I’ve written over the past couple of years, cybercriminals are constantly trying to steal your information, bank details, credit cards, and identity. They are very good at it. Keeping Incognito up-to-date on your phone will protect you from commercial and government threats. Additionally, keeping your antivirus and anti-malware products updated is crucial.

However, the best way to protect yourself from new attacks is by ensuring your software and operating systems are always up-to-date. Whether you’re using a computer or a Mac, make sure Windows and macOS receive all the latest security updates. Keep all applications updated, as many attacks exploit vulnerabilities in outdated software.

Similarly, for smartphones, ensure your operating system, whether Apple or Android, is always current. Set your updates to auto-update, so you don’t have to think about it. Update all apps and remove those you don’t need.

Hackers continuously find ways into legitimate apps through weaknesses and vulnerabilities. However, as long as these are fixed quickly, it’s okay. Don’t be one of those people who haven’t updated their apps in months or years.

Staying updated with the alerts and scam warnings I send is another excellent step in protecting yourself. My job is to keep you informed and safe. If you need assistance with updates or anything else, just let me know. I’m here to help.

Sending you all the best,

Stephen 🙂