Hi guys,

I have written about this in the past but I wanted to refresh your memory, as we have been asked by a couple of other users to explain. If you would like the ability to record calls on your Android you have two options available:

Built-in recording (if available)

Certain Android smartphones come with a built-in call recording feature integrated into either the Google Phone app or the phone app provided by the manufacturer. The availability of this feature varies based on factors like your phone’s manufacturer, your carrier, and your geographical location. If your device supports it, here’s a guide on utilizing this feature effectively:

  • Open the Phone app.
  • Tap the three vertical dots at the top right (a gear icon on some phones).
  • Choose Settings.
  • Tap on Call Recording (Record calls on some phones).
  • You can choose Always Record or pick Selected numbers.

After enabling this function, you’ll notice a Record button on your screen whenever you’re on a call. When you’ve completed the conversation, either tap “Stop recording” or end the call naturally. To listen to your recorded calls, head to the Recents section within the Phone app. There, select the caller’s name, locate the specific recording from the list of calls, and tap “Play” to listen to the content.

Using Google Voice

For individuals within the United States, an option is to utilize the Google Voice app, available for both Android and iOS platforms, to record incoming calls (please note, that outgoing calls cannot be recorded using this method). This user-friendly voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) service is complimentary to sign up for and straightforward to operate. Here’s a concise guide on getting started:

  • Go to Google Voice and create an account.
  • Tap the gear icon at the top right.
  • Choose Calls on the left-hand side.
  • Toggle on Incoming call options.
  • Now you can simply press 4 on the dial pad during a call to start and stop recording.

Important: Please note that it is illegal to record another person without their permission. Please make sure that you have the consent of the other person before you record the call otherwise you could land yourself in trouble.

That’s it, you can now record calls. If you have any questions or comments please let us know we are here 24 hours a day seven days a week.


Max Roberts
Incognito Privacy Care team