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I read a great article written by Leonid Grustniy from Kaspersky, which tells how you can find hidden spy cameras using just the camera on your smartphone. Spy cameras are a big problem these days. You can pick one up for under 10 dollars, and they are straightforward to operate ad control.  In the past, Airbnb had a massive problem with hosts putting spy cameras in their properties to spy on guests. Luckily there is an easy way to find most (ones without infrared radiation are not visible) spy cameras hidden in a room :-).

If you are ever in a scenario where you think there might be a spy camera, follow these steps:

1) Turn the light off in the room and close the curtains (The room must be dark)
2) Turn on both the camera and the flashlight. Or you can use your camera and a separate torch
3) Scan the room while looking at the camera screen
4) If a spy camera is present, you will see a glare on your smartphone screen.

Kaspersky explains in their article:

“Many spy cameras use infrared illumination for filming in the dark. It is invisible to the human eye but not to a smartphone camera. When filming in the dark, the infrared light source will appear on the screen as a pulsing dot. Keep in mind that your smartphone’s main camera may not do the trick, because it probably has an IR-light filter, so the front camera is a better bet. You can experiment with a TV remote to find out if your smartphone is good for the job.”

Read the full article here – https://www.kaspersky.com/blog/how-to-find-spy-cameras/43199/

I hope this tip is helpful to you. Please share with your family and friends and as always,  let us know if you need anything at all.

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