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Whether you’re a hard-hitting journalist or just someone who wants to keep their data on lockdown, I’ve got a recommendation for you: ProtonMail. And let me tell you, it’s not just good; it’s Swiss-level good.

The Lowdown on ProtonMail

Think of ProtonMail as your Gmail alternative without the privacy headaches. No ads, no trackers—just clean, secure email with features like end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication built right in. You even get real-time notifications whenever someone tries to access your account. Not bad, right?

Elevate Your Security with Proton Sentinel

Here’s where things get interesting. ProtonMail has a feature called Proton Sentinel, specifically designed for folks who need extra layers of security. While it’s tailor-made for people in sensitive roles like journalism and activism, the door is wide open for anyone to use it. Yes, you too can roll like a digital VIP.

How to Turn On Proton Sentinel

Already on the Proton train? Sweet. Activating Proton Sentinel is as easy as pie. Just visit account.proton.me, find the ‘Settings’ tab, and under ‘Security and Privacy,’ you can enable Proton Sentinel.

Why Proton Keeps Scaling Up

Since its 2014 launch, ProtonMail has grown to offer a bunch of other services, like ProtonVPN and ProtonDrive. As the ecosystem expands, so do the risks. That’s why they’re constantly amping up security measures. They’ve even got human eyes monitoring accounts around the clock and their AI systems.

Who Needs Proton Sentinel?

Proton Sentinel might be overkill if you’re emailing Grandma. But if you’re in a role where you handle sensitive information or feel you might be a target for cyberattacks, this is your digital armour.

Getting Started

If you’re on one of Proton’s premium plans, enabling Proton Sentinel is a no-brainer. Just head over to account.proton.me and turn it on under ‘Security and Privacy.’

That’s it for today, guys. Remember, you don’t have to be a journalist to benefit from top-notch email security. So go ahead, and give ProtonMail and its Sentinel feature a whirl.

Need more guidance or have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our Incognito Privacy Care Team. We’re always here to help you navigate the murky waters of online privacy and security. Stay safe out there!

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