Hi Guys,

If you use WhatsApp, please take 2 minutes to turn on 2-factor authentication (2FA) as an additional security layer on your account. Once activated, if someone tries to access your WhatsApp account, this extra security feature will require them to enter the six-digit PIN that only you know. If they do not have it, they will not be able to access your account.

It is effortless to do:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the Settings section.
  • Tap on Account and click the Two-step verification feature. You will then see the “Enable” option, which asks you to enter a 6-digit PIN.
  • After entering the PIN, you will be asked to enter an email address that can be used to reset your PIN if you forget it.

Let me know if you need any help with this or anything else.

All the best,

Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care Team.