Hello everyone,

Google recently rolled out their monthly security updates for Android devices, tackling 46 brand-new software vulnerabilities. Three vulnerabilities are currently being exploited in direct, targeted attacks.

One of these vulnerabilities, CVE-2023-26083, is a memory leak flaw affecting the Arm Mali GPU driver for Bifrost, Avalon, and Valhall chips. It was utilized in a past attack allowing spyware to infiltrate Samsung devices in December 2022.

This security loophole was serious enough to require the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to issue a compulsory patch order for federal agencies in April 2023.

Another key vulnerability, dubbed CVE-2021-29256, is a high-risk issue affecting specific Bifrost and Midgard Arm Mali GPU kernel drivers. This flaw could allow an ordinary user to gain unauthorized access to confidential data and escalate privileges to the root level.

We strongly advise updating your Android device immediately to secure it against these threats. These vulnerabilities are actively being exploited, meaning that hackers are leveraging these weaknesses to gain control of targeted devices. Safeguard your device by updating it today.

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