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TIP: Understand How SIM Swapping Can Be Used To Hack Your Accounts

February 11, 2020

Hey Guys,


Have you ever heard of SIM card swapping?


SIM swapping is an attack where a fraudster contacts your cell phone company and convinces them to switch your account to a phone that they are in control of and from there they can access your other online accounts. Do you remember when Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s personal Twitter account was hacked? This was done using SIM swapping. 


How Does SIM Swapping Work?


Usually, a basic SIM-card swap works when a scammer calls a phone company impersonating the actual owner and claiming to have lost or damaged their SIM card. They then try to convince the customer service representative to activate a new SIM card in the fraudster’s possession. This enables the fraudsters to port the victim’s telephone number to their device containing a different SIM. After accessing the account, the scammers can control your email, bank accounts, online wallets and more.


How can you tell if your SIM card has been swapped?

  • The first sign is if your text messages and cell phones are not functioning correctly , it’s probable that your account is hijacked.

  • If the login credentials set by you stop working then it’s probably a sign that your account has been taken over.

  • If you get a message from your telecom provider that your SIM card has been activated on another device, be warned it’s a red sign.


How can you protect against SIM swapping

  • Call your phone company and ask them to add “Port Validation” to your account. This will allow you to choose add a pass code to your account that you will need to quote every time you want to make changes to your account. I know it is an extra password to remember but it will add a huge amount of security to your account and will pretty much stop a SIM Swapping attack.


Thank you and talk to you soon.


Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care. 

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