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TIP: Never Charge Your Phone In A Public Place

January 14, 2020


Hey Guys,


The number of free charging stations at airports, bus stops, metro stations, shopping malls and other public places around the world has been growing rapidly in recent years and while they are very convenient most people do not know that using such USB-inputs is not safe because attackers can access data stored in your phone or download malware through them. 


This type of hacking is called ‘Juice Jacking’ and it happens all the time to unsuspecting people who are simply looking to charge their phone. 


Most standard USB cables contain four wires: two for data transfer and two for charging. The problem is that hackers can embed a special device in the charging wire, or add a small computer to the charger itself which can hack your phone and give full access to the hacker. All you have to do is plug in your phone. It is very scary.


How do you protect yourself?

  • Never charge your phone with any cable that does not belong to you. 

  • Also charge your phone from an AC power outlet and never use a USB charging station. 

  • Take your own AC and car chargers for your devices with you when traveling

  • Consider buying a portable charger for emergencies.

Please let me know if you have any questions in relation to this or with anything else. 


All the best,

Max Roberts.







All the best,

Max Roberts.




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