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ALERT: TikTok Security Concerns Escalate

January 8, 2020


Hey Guys,

Concern over the app TikTok has increased as researcher revealed there are more security flaws.


TikTok is a widely used video sharing app that hit headlines in the U.S. last week as it is a Chinese-owned platform. Questions were raised about how the company collected and used data and its relationship with the Chinese government, so much so that the U.S. Army banned the app from their devices.


However, a number of further serious vulnerabilities have been revealed within the social media app which allowed partial user account takeover and access to user data, which could then be exposed online.  Hackers using this vulnerability could access personal data of the account holder like email addresses but also upload and delete videos or change the settings on the videos for example making private videos public. Quite terrifying that your private video for certain eyes only is made public to all of your friends or exposed online.


Researchers found that many of the hack attempts on TikTok users were by using a malicious link. The link looks like and is some cases it was a legitimate link from TikTok but essentially the link was rigged to re-directed the user to a fake site leading to the users account being taken over. I go back to my well said line... 'don't click on any link you don't trust', even if it looks legit.


This latest privacy concern demonstrates how careful we need to be when selecting and downloading apps even when they are from reputable companies.  Any app that collects, stores and gathers personal information should be thoroughly considered before using it as you don't know when that platform will be hacked and your personal information is at risk or worse, exposed. 


In this particular case we have a enormous company, with a number of apps to its name, TikTok alone is on over a billion devices and still it had major security flaws and its user data was vulnerable. If you must use this app or apps like this, consider whats the payoff before you sign up.  How much of your personal information must you leave vulnerable, in the hands of someone else security? Is it worth it?


TIkTok have since patched these flaws so if you decided to continue to use it, update to the latest version, remove any unnecessary information from your account and check your security and privacy settings.


All the best,


Max Roberts
Incognito Privacy Care. 

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