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TIP: Is Your Password Hackable?

October 31, 2019


Hi Guys,


The answer is YES. Unfortunately almost ,if not all, passwords are hackable. We get so many emails about privacy issues every day which are a result of bad, easily hackable passwords.  So I wanted to make sure you know how to make your password really hard to crack.


Here’s how long it takes a hack a password:


A nine character password - all numbers like 123456789.

Is hacked in only 14.17 seconds a standard average computer and 0.0085 seconds on a supercomputer. 


An eight characl=;.[[[-ter password - mixed case like ‘VaCation’, 

Hacked in 14 days to hack on a standard average computer and 7.6 minutes on a supercomputer.


You can see where I’m going with this one...


An eight character password - using mixed cases, numbers and letters like &CDMps!5 

It takes about 45 years to hack on a standard average computer and 4 hours on a supercomputer.


By simply increasing the character on that complex password to 10 mixed characters eg: ‘&CDMps!51k’

It would take about 289,000 years to hack on a standard average computer and 3 years on a supercomputer.


The bottom line is to ensure your passwords/passphrases are more than 10 characters long of mixed letters, upper and lower case, numbers and symbols. ALWAYS.


The Best Password


We recommend a passphrase as one of the most secure forms of passwords and to help you remember it, whether it be a quote with punctuation or a phrase.  A favourite lyric from a song but you must mix it up to secure it as a password. For example we will take the song Jingle Bells, to make this a secure password mix upper and lower case letters and change some of the letters to numbers and symbols.


Example Password = J1ngle@llTh3W@y


In all cases, all passwords should be long;


 - At least or more than 10 characters

 - A mix of numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters 

 - Use a unique password for every account

 - Use two-factor authentication wherever possible 

 - Never to use 'easy to guess' words like pets names, cars, favorite movies or sports teams. 


Some people find a password manager tool very helpful and as well as remembering all of your passwords for you, they can generate passwords for you to.


I hope this has been helpful to you and if you need any advice please let me know.




Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care.




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