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Alert: Is Facebook Using Your Mic to Spy on You?

May 21, 2019




Hi Guys,


Scarily accurate adverts are appearing on our screens before we have even searched for the product.  So how does this happen? How do ‘they’ know what you are interested in buying if you have never searched for it before?


Facebook have given us plenty to worry about with privacy scandal after privacy scandal and when they were asked about this, they denied it.  But, the evidence says otherwise.


Here’s an example:

A professor in Florida explained her experiment to NBC. She enabled the microphone feature within the Facebook settings. Once the mic was enabled within Facebook she started to talk out loud about taking a trip, specifically a safari. Then, less than a minute later, the first post on her Facebook feed was a safari story, that she said popped up out of nowhere. Sound familiar?




What’s Happening:

The most common theory is that Facebook use smartphones microphone to listen to their users.  The tech giant uses your captured speech to identify products and services you may be interested in and then serves you ads based on this information. A very invasive process and complete invasion of your privacy.


Of, course it would be illegal for Facebook to capture your audio recordings but you may have given them permission. They released a feature in 2014 where it can recognise music and required users to give access to the microphone. Another reminder to always check what permissions and access you are agreeing to when you sign up to new products and features.


Here’s how protect yourself?

Disable the microphone settings within Facebook. It is quite straightforward.

  • Open Settings

  • Choose, ‘Apps & notifications’

  • Choose ‘Advanced’

  • Choose ‘App permissions’

  • Choose ‘Microphone’ and disable Facebook.

  • Have a look at what other apps have access to your microphone. Disable microphone access from apps that do not need it.


Talk soon,



Incognito Privacy Care Team



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