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As we go further down the rabbit hole, it is becoming increasingly challenging to discern what’s real and what’s not. One technology that has been causing concern is called deep fakes. 

What is a Deep Fake?

A deep fake is an artificial intelligence (AI) technique that creates manipulated videos and audio, making it seem like someone is saying or doing something they didn’t. These deep fakes can be incredibly convincing, making distinguishing between fact and fiction more challenging.

Examples of Deep Fakes

Examples of deep fakes include edited footage of politicians making speeches or celebrities performing in adult movies. These videos can be shared online and quickly spread, causing irreparable harm to the reputation of those featured in the videos. This has raised serious ethical questions about the impact of deep fakes on public trust, privacy, and security.

Check these out..

Not Barack Obama’s talking HERE

Or check out China’s AI news anchor..

These films are from five years ago, which may be 500 years in the world of technology. Imagine what Deepfakes can do now? When you watch the news, are you watching a real person talking, or is it a machine? I cannot say more, but a person I know who works in the world of government told me that it is now nearly impossible to tell the difference.

The rise of deep fakes is a concern for everyone, as it is easy for anyone to become a victim of misinformation. This is why it’s vital to be careful about the media you consume and where you get your news. If something looks suspicious, it’s always best to fact-check it with trusted sources before sharing it or acting on it.

You cannot beat a good old-fashioned face-to-face conversation! That cannot be faked….. yet!

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