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Building upon my previous article, where we delved into the scary world of deep fakes, I would like to share an interesting update. You can find a recent BBC news article here, in which the actor Tom Hanks expresses an intriguing possibility enabled by artificial intelligence: he could continue to appear in major films even after his death.

A century from now, Tom Hanks might be seen playing the role of a 27-year-old, and an average viewer wouldn’t be able to discern that the portrayal isn’t real. It’s a testament to how our perception is being manipulated by advanced technology; it’s becoming harder to distinguish fact from fabrication.

This scenario raises profound questions about the potential applications of this technology beyond the realm of entertainment. If the film industry can convincingly recreate a deceased person for a major movie, consider the potential implications for more sensitive sectors like defence.

There is an old Edgar Allan Poe phrase, “Believe Nothing You Hear and Only One Half That You See” Given the rise of deep fake technology, perhaps we should revise this wisdom. Today, we may need to question almost everything we see or hear.

Enjoy the read, and stay tuned for more on this topic.

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Max Roberts, Incognito Privacy Care Team