Hi Guys,

I hope you are well. I wanted to send you a little reminder to scan for the government spyware we added to our database last week. So far we have found and removed this from 32 devices worldwide (!) and this is only with a very small amount of scans completed. To be clear, if this spyware is on your phone it means you have been targeted and spied on by a government agency. This is serious stuff. See the original post below. Please scan your phone now.

All the best,

Max 🙂


Hi Guys,

I am delighted to tell you that we just added a new piece of sophisticated government spyware to the Incognito database. Today, we have stopped a monster that has caused carnage and facilitated tyranny worldwide.

This spyware is made by an Italian company (I cannot name and shame them here), and we know it has been used in various countries to spy on its citizens, activists, journalists, academics, and even government officials. We also know that it was used to track and disrupt peaceful protests in Kazakstan, where over 225 people died, and over 10,000 people were arrested, some for just writing on their social media pages. (Note: Be careful what you say on the Internet, even if you have a protected page. Everything you say is recorded and used to build a profile of you. This might not mean anything to you now, but in five years, you might regret what you said today).

This highly configurable surveillance system has been found all over the world, and it can collect and transmit the following from an infected device:

  • Record and live stream audio
  • Record and live stream camera
  • File download and upload (which means they can do ANYTHING)
  • WhatsApp access
  • Telegram access
  • Account access
  • Browser history
  • Clipboard access
  • Location tracking
  • Screen Capture or screenshots
  • Address Book access
  • Calendar access
  • Device Information

If this spyware targets you, you are in big trouble. The attacker will remotely own your phone, including all its data.

How do you protect yourself?

  • Easy, just run a scan, and if it is there, we will find and remove it!! We have made it simple. Just press Start Scan, and you are all set 🙂

Maybe, consider upgrading to our Pro version?
We update our database all the time and give Incognito away to everyone in the world for free. We will continue to track the commercial and government spy tools in our database and will continue to add new ones as we find them.

There is no pressure, but we would appreciate it if you were in a position to upgrade. You will get loads of extra features as a pro subscriber, including real-time protection. Your investment will also allow us to continue finding and analyzing the world’s top spy tools for you. More subscribers mean we can move faster. I thank you in advance for considering an upgrade. If you are not in a position to subscribe, you can help us in another way, like leaving us a good review 🙂

We made significant progress with our mission today and are delighted to share this with you. Thank you for allowing us to continue to protect you. Please share this tip far and wide and let everyone know that Incognito has their back and front.

All the best,

Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care Team