Hi guys,

Today, I want to alert you about a widespread PayPal scam. This scam is particularly effective because many people have PayPal accounts and tend to pay attention to messages that appear to be from PayPal. Scammers send millions of emails, hoping that even a small percentage of recipients will fall for their tricks. Here’s how the scam works:

  1. Deceptive Email: You receive an email that looks like it’s from PayPal, thanking you for a purchase and including a high purchase amount to cause panic.
  2. Fake Order Confirmation: The email includes an order number, an invoice ID, and a reputable company name, making it look legitimate.
  3. Urgent Action Required: The email warns that a large amount will be charged to your account and provides a phone number to call if there are any issues. This number connects you directly to the scammer.
  4. Scammer Interaction: When you call, the scammer, pretending to be a PayPal representative, pressures you to confirm the payment or provide credit card details to avoid issues.
  5. Immediate Theft: If you provide your credit card information, the scammer quickly empties your account. Your credit card details are then sold on the dark web.

How to Protect Yourself:

  • Verify Emails: Always check the sender’s email address carefully. Scammers often use addresses that look similar to legitimate ones.
  • Contact PayPal Directly: If you receive a suspicious email, do not use the contact information provided in the email. Instead, go to the official PayPal website and contact customer support.
  • Check Your Account: Log into your PayPal account to verify any transactions. Legitimate transactions will appear in your account activity.

Scammers use fear tactics to manipulate you into acting impulsively. Always double-check and verify any suspicious communications. Spread this message to friends and family, especially those who might be more vulnerable, such as the elderly.

Stay safe out there, it’s a jungle.

All the best,

Stephen McCormack