Hi everyone 🙂

Our friends at Pradeo Security have alerted us to an insidious threat: 2 apps available on Google’s Play Store are infected with spyware. This malicious software silently collects your personal information once installed on your device, potentially leading to severe security breaches.

More concerning, the identified spyware has connections to a Chinese technology company, which raises the spectre of international cyber espionage.

The security team at Pradeo has worked diligently to 2 apps that contain this hidden threat. To maintain your Android device’s security, removing these compromised apps is important. Here is a list of the apps in question:

  • File Recovery and Data Recovery – com.spot.music.filedate – 1M+ Installs
  • File Manager – com.file.box.master.gkd – 500k+ Installs

Please inspect your device for these apps and, if present, uninstall them as soon as possible. Eliminating these apps will help protect your data from misuse.

We recommend installing a trusted security app and regularly updating your device’s software to ensure your device’s safety. Remember, spyware often infiltrates devices via unverified apps or downloads from unofficial sources.

The security of your device is vital. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our privacy care team.

All the best,

Max Roberts.