Hi guys,

The security research team at Kaspersky have just released a list of 35 malicious Google Chrome extensions you need to remove from your device.

If you have any of these extensions that have 87 million downloads between them installed on your device, here is what the extension creators can do:

• Track all user activities to collect and sell information about them.
• Steal card details and account credentials.
• Embed ads on web pages.
• Substitute links in search results (as mentioned above).
• Replace the browser’s home page with an advertising link.

Please check your Google Chrome browser for the presence of the following extensions. If you have any of them installed, remove them immediately and contact our privacy care team, who will advise you on steps you can take.

•   Autoskip for Youtube
•   Soundboost
•   Crystal Adblock
•   Brisk VPN
•   Clipboard Helper
•   Maxi Refresher
•   Quick Translation
•   Easyview Reader view
•   PDF Toolbox
•   Epsilon Ad blocker
•   Craft Cursors
•   Alfablocker ad blocker
•   Zoom Plus
•   Base Image Downloader
•   Clickish fun cursors
•   Cursor-A custom cursor
•   Amazing Dark Mode
•   Maximum Color Changer for Youtube
•   Awesome Auto Refresh
•   Venus Adblock
•   Adblock Dragon
•   Readl Reader mode
•   Volume Frenzy
•   Image download center
•   Font Customizer
•   Easy Undo Closed Tabs
•   Screence screen recorder
•   OneCleaner
•   Repeat button
•   Leap Video Downloader
•   Tap Image Downloader
•   Qspeed Video Speed Controller
•   HyperVolume
•   Light picture-in-picture

How do I completely remove Chrome extensions?
1 Open Chrome.
2 Select More More tools. Extensions.
3 Next to the extension you want to remove, select Remove.
4 To confirm, select Remove.

Let me know if you need any assistance and please spread the word.

All the best,
Max Roberts
Incognito Privacy Care Team.