Hi Guys,

We have received numerous queries from our community concerning the increase in unwanted, and often, deceptive phone calls. Responding to your concerns, I, am reaching out to share some practical tips to help you manage and protect yourself from such disruptions.

  1. Ignore Unknown Numbers: If a call is from an unknown number, it’s best to let it go to voicemail. Genuine callers tend to leave a message.
  2. Employ Caller ID Apps: Applications like Truecaller can help identify and block unwanted calls.
  3. Block Numbers: After receiving a call from an undesired number, promptly block it.
  4. Enable Do Not Disturb: Activating this feature will allow only calls from your contacts to come through.
  5. Register on the Do Not Call List: This can help reduce the number of telemarketing calls you receive.
  6. Limit Personal Information Online: Sharing minimal information can help in reducing the probability of receiving bogus calls.
  7. Never Share Personal Information: During a call, especially under pressure, avoid sharing any personal or financial information.
  8. Utilize Phone Settings: Use built-in options on your phone to block or silence unwanted calls.
  9. Report Suspicious Calls: Notify your local authorities and phone provider about any suspicious or fraudulent calls you receive.
  10. Use Provider Services: Opt for services offered by your phone provider for spam protection.
  11. Avoid Unknown Callbacks: Refrain from returning calls to unknown international numbers to avoid high charges.
  12. Avoid Responding to Unknown Messages: Responding to suspicious text messages can be risky, as it might be a phishing attempt.

Remember, being proactive and vigilant is your first line of defence against these unwarranted intrusions. For any more assistance, questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our Privacy Care Team, available 24/7, ready to assist you with any issues you might encounter.

Stay Safe and Informed,

Max Roberts
Head of Privacy Care