Hi guys,

I hope you are well 🙂 All is good here. I know that I have written many tips about the rise in AI Voice clones,and it might seem that I am waging war against them but the reality is that the rise in AI voice clones is very serious, and you need to give it your attention. You can read the many examples that I have linked to the article that I wrote here, but now there is something new that you need to be aware off. If you receive automated phone calls from banks, insurance companies, retailers et cetera et cetera.  You now need to be aware that many of these companies are now incorporating voice clones into the phone call that you did not request. The voice on the other end of the phone does sound like a real person but in many cases, particularly in America, the voices are fake and you are indeed talking to a computer. If you have not already blocked Robo calls or automated calls follow the instructions below, and also remember when you’re talking to a voice on the phone it may not belong to a human. I know, it’s like we are living out the 1980s sci-fi films.

Please note, that this list is for everyone in the world. If you need specific advice about how to block Robo calls in your country let me know.

* Register with National Do Not Call Lists: Many countries have a national Do Not Call registry (e.g., the Do Not Call Registry in the United States, the Telephone Preference Service in the UK). Sign up to reduce unsolicited calls.

* Use Built-in Phone Features: Modern smartphones often have built-in settings to detect and block suspected spam calls. Explore your phone’s call settings for options like “Silence Unknown Callers” or “Block Unknown Callers.”

* Download Call-Blocking Apps: There are several reputable apps available for both Android and iOS devices that can identify, block, and report robocalls. Examples include Truecaller, Hiya, and Nomorobo. Check app reviews and privacy policies before downloading.

* Activate Carrier Tools: Many phone service providers offer tools and services to block unwanted calls. Contact your carrier to see what options are available and how to activate them.

* Be Cautious with Your Number: Limit sharing your phone number online and in public forms. The more widely your number is shared, the more likely it is to be targeted by robocalls.

* Hang Up on Suspicious Calls: If you answer a call and it sounds like a robocall, hang up immediately. Do not press any numbers or engage, as this can lead to more unwanted calls.

* Report Unwanted Calls: Many countries have a mechanism for reporting unwanted calls to authorities (such as the Federal Communications Commission in the USA). Reporting can help regulate and reduce robocalls.

* Consider Using a Secondary Number: For online forms or services that require a phone number, consider using a secondary number or a temporary number service to protect your primary number.

* Stay Informed: Scammers constantly update their tactics, so stay informed about new robocall scams and protection strategies by checking reliable news sources and government websites.

* Update Your Contact Lists Regularly: Ensure your contacts are up to date and utilize your phone’s feature to allow calls only from your contact list, if extreme measures are needed.

Remember, the effectiveness of these methods can vary based on your location, phone, and carrier, so it may be necessary to use multiple strategies in combination to effectively block robocalls.

Let me know if I can be of any assistance to you and I wish you an amazing day ahead.