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The National Security Agency in America released a detailed document outlining one of Russia’s most advanced and oldest surveillance systems, Snake. If you have time, you should read it, as it is quite explosive. You can safely assume that this snake is just the tip of the iceberg regarding what it can actually do. Also, just because the American government have exposed these tools does not mean that they’re not using the exact same tools as well. Be careful what you say on the Internet; everything is recorded, logged, and added to a file that exists for everyone.

Here is a link to the DOCUMENT and a summary from the first page:

“What is Snake?

We consider Snake to be the most sophisticated cyber espionage tool in the FSB’s arsenal. The
sophistication of Snake stems from three principal areas. First, Snake employs means to achieve a
rare level of stealth in its host components and network communications. Second, Snake’s internal
technical architecture allows for easy incorporation of new or replacement components. This design
also facilitates the development and interoperability of Snake instances running on different host
operating systems. We have observed interoperable Snake implants for Windows, MacOS, and Linux
operating systems. Lastly, Snake demonstrates careful software engineering design and
implementation, with the implant containing surprisingly few bugs given its complexity.

Following open source reporting by cybersecurity and threat intelligence companies on Snake tactics,
techniques, and procedures (TTPs), the FSB implemented new techniques to evade detection. The
modifications to the implant enhanced challenges in identifying and collecting Snake and related
artifacts, directly hampering detection from both host- and network-based defensive tools.

The effectiveness of this type of cyber espionage implant depends entirely on its long-term stealth,
since the objective of an extended espionage operation involves remaining on the target for months
or years to provide consistent access to important intelligence. The uniquely sophisticated aspects of
Snake represent significant effort by the FSB over many years to enable this type of covert access.”

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