Hi Guys,
I wanted to let you know some great news, we have added an excellent new security feature to Incognito. All you have to do is update Incognito to the latest version of Incognito (version 129) and you will find the new Website Checker tool in the menu on the scan screen.
The new Website Checker tool will help you check all those links and websites you want to use. I know I’m constantly saying ‘never click on a link you don’t trust’ so now here’s a way you can check if they are safe, before you click that link.It’s really easy to use;
Copy the link or website addressOpen Incognito and choose the Website Checker button. (on the Scan screen)In the Website Checker screen paste the link, or type it in if you know it.Press Scan.
And, if the website or link is unsafe, Incognito will let you know.I hope you like it, and if you do post a review.
All the best, Max Roberts