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The LockBit ransomware group is a notorious cybercriminal organization known for encrypting victims’ data and demanding ransom payments in exchange for decryption keys. Recently, they have threatened to release stolen SpaceX schematics unless Elon Musk pays to keep them confidential.

Musk has been given a deadline of March 20 to make the extortion payment, as reported in a recent LockBit post shared by cybersecurity analyst Dominic Alvieri on Twitter. Interestingly, the confidential drawings were not obtained directly from SpaceX but from a third-party vendor, Maximum Industries, which manufactures parts for SpaceX projects.

The LockBit ransomware demand reads, “Elon Musk, we will help you sell your drawings to other manufacturers – build the ship faster and fly away.”

I don’t think the ransom will be paid, making the upcoming events quite interesting. I’ll keep you updated on any new information that comes my way.

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