Hello everyone,

I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to talk to you about the growing influence of artificial intelligence and deep fake technology, which has the ability to manipulate our perception of reality. It’s becoming increasingly challenging to distinguish between genuine and fabricated. In light of this, I would like to share an exciting research project conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) team and invite you to participate in a fun game called “Spot the Deep Fake!”

Join the game “Fabricated or Authentic!” by visiting their website at https://detectfakes.media.mit.edu. You’ll find a collection of videos on the website, some real, while others fake. Your task is to determine whether each video is real or fake. It’s an enjoyable game that also provides invaluable feedback to MIT, assisting them in training their systems to detect deep fake videos automatically.

I’m eager to hear about your experience with the game, so please let me know how you fare. Additionally, if you know anyone interested in contributing, please share this with them.

Best regards,

Max Roberts Incognito Privacy Care Team