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Following recent successes such as dismantling the Genesis marketplace and the breached forum, law enforcement has scored another win by disrupting a $98 million online fraud ring. The operation, which involved the collaboration of multiple international agencies, targeted a cybercrime network that victimized over 33,000 individuals.

The online fraud ring orchestrated many cyber scams, including phishing attacks, identity theft, and financial fraud. These criminal activities targeted unsuspecting victims across the globe, causing significant financial losses and emotional distress.

Key Takeaways from the Operation:

Collaboration among International Law Enforcement Agencies:

  • A joint effort by Europol, Eurojust, and various national police forces.
  • Coordination between multiple countries, including Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, and others.
  • Exchange of information and resources to successfully dismantle the criminal network.

Arrests and Seizures:

  • Over 30 suspects were arrested in connection with the online fraud ring.
  • Numerous properties, luxury cars, and high-value assets were seized during the operation.
  • Confiscation of criminal proceeds effectively crippling the cybercrime network.

This recent victory demonstrates the power of international collaboration in the ongoing battle against cybercrime. By working together and sharing information, law enforcement agencies can effectively disrupt and dismantle criminal networks, ultimately protecting citizens and their online security.

You can read the full Interpol advisory by going HERE.

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