Hi Guys,
The answer is YES. Unfortunately almost ,if not all, passwords are hackable. We get so many emails about privacy issues every day which are a result of bad, easily hackable passwords. So I wanted to make sure you know how to make your password really hard to crack.
Here’s how long it takes a hack a password:
A nine character password – all numbers like 123456789.
Is hacked in only 14.17 seconds a standard average computer and 0.0085 seconds on a supercomputer.
An eight characl=;.[[[-ter password – mixed case like ‘VaCation’,
Hacked in 14 days to hack on a standard average computer and 7.6 minutes on a supercomputer.
You can see where I’m going with this one…
An eight character password – using mixed cases, numbers and letters like &CDMps!5
It takes about 45 years to hack on a standard average computer and 4 hours on a supercomputer.
By simply increasing the character on that complex password to 10 mixed characters eg: ‘&CDMps!51k’
It would take about 289,000 years to hack on a standard average computer and 3 years on a supercomputer.
The bottom line is to ensure your passwords/passphrases are more than 10 characters long of mixed letters, upper and lower case, numbers and symbols. ALWAYS.
The Best Password
We recommend a passphrase as one of the most secure forms of passwords and to help you remember it, whether it be a quote with punctuation or a phrase. A favourite lyric from a song but you must mix it up to secure it as a password. For example we will take the song Jingle Bells, to make this a secure password mix upper and lower case letters and change some of the letters to numbers and symbols.
Example Password = J1ngle@llTh3W@y
In all cases, all passwords should be long;
– At least or more than 10 characters
– A mix of numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters
– Use a unique password for every account
– Use two-factor authentication wherever possible
– Never to use ‘easy to guess’ words like pets names, cars, favorite movies or sports teams.
Some people find a password manager tool very helpful and as well as remembering all of your passwords for you, they can generate passwords for you to.
I hope this has been helpful to you and if you need any advice please let me know.
Max Roberts, Incognito Privacy Care.