Hey Guys,

Researchers at the University of Glasgow’s School of Computing Sciences have developed a system called ThermoSecure, that allows them to read a computer or smartphone password by reading the heat signatures left by the user’s finger on either the keyboard or smartphone screen.

The paper, which you can read HERE, is called ‘ThermoSecure: Investigating the effectiveness of AI-driven thermal attacks on commonly used computer keyboards, and they claim to have up to 86% accuracy if captured within 20 seconds of input, and this went down to 62% accuracy after 20 seconds. Short passwords, such as pin codes, were captured with 100% accuracy.

How do you stay safe from this type of attack?

Keep your fingers cool at all times!

I am joking, as the reality of this being an issue for the average person is nonexistent. This type of attack is another mission-impossible style attack that uses thermal cameras to read the heat signature but maybe think about cooling your finger down before using a touchscreen ATM machine and keep a look out for thermal cameras 🙂

All the best, and wishing you a fantastic moment.

Max 🙂