Hi Guys,

TickTock is one of the evilest apps that has ever been created. It allows children to see the most horrendous and life-altering things, like mice being glued to a piece of paper and left to die and farm animals being beheaded by kids with swords. It encourages them to take part in challenges that can seriously put their lives at risk, alter their development, and send them down the wrong road. Do you know what your ten-year-old is looking at when using Ticktock? Most parents have no idea.

Also, did you know that Ticktock is 100% china owned? The Chinese Communist Party fully controls this fun app. Everything you do is being monitored and recorded. Also, when you install Tiktok, you grant dozens of permissions on your device, allowing it access to all sorts of personal info.

In addition to the horrific things that our kids watch on Ticktock, here is a video from China-In-Focus, where Tiffany Meier sat down with Casey Fleming, CEO of intelligence and security strategy firm BlackOps Partners. Casey sheds light on the recent reports that TikTok can monitor keystrokes, what kind of information TikTok is getting, and what the Chinese regime can do.

You can watch the film here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sQAa9BM3f8

but in a nutshell and as reported on Zerohedge:

“What people need to understand is that TikTok is a military application.

It’s a weaponized espionage application to get every bit of information they possibly can off the phone, which they do – your whereabouts, how you go about your day, your access to other people, access to technology, intellectual property, and things that you can be blackmailed on, and so on.

So people must understand that TikTok is a weaponized military application in the hands of our middle schoolers, our kids, our high school kids, and our young adults.”

He added the Chinese regime “can use that information really, number one, the most important thing is to steal intellectual property. Secondly, to blackmail. Thirdly, it’s a propaganda platform.”

“You can see all these TikTok challenges, and most of them are very dangerous to our children – to steal cars, to do challenges … we’ve lost a lot of kids to these TikTok challenges that come up about once a month.

You have to understand it’s a propaganda platform completely owned, operated, and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. And it’s under the guise of this fun app that everybody loves to use, and it’s spread like wildfire, and it’s a lot of fun…

So there’s a lot of fun content on it, but you have to understand it’s a military application, and it’s going to achieve military results under the guise and under this facade of being a fun app.”

Do not let your kids anywhere near this app. At best, it is a surveillance tool, and at worst, it is infecting the minds of the little ones. Some things cannot be unseen.

Like junk food, be careful what you consume.

All the best.
Max Roberts