Hi guys,

Here is an incredible story about how an international team of cryptographers found and deciphered more than 50 encoded letters sent by Mary Queen of Scots in the 16th Century. Yep, that’s right, Mary Queen of Scotts was using encryption so that prison authorities could not read the letters she sent while in prison. If you have 10 mins, you can read the article HERE, and if you want to read the more scientific paper, you can read it HERE. The following is a snippet:

“The team of computer scientist George Lasry, pianist Norbert Biermann and astrophysicist Satoshi Tomokiyo—all keen cryptographers—initially thought the batch of encoded documents related to Italy, because that was how they were filed at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

However, they quickly realised the letters were in French. Many verb and adjectival forms being feminine, regular mention of captivity, and recurring names—such as Walsingham—all put them on the trail of Mary. Sir Francis Walsingham was Queen Elizabeth’s spymaster.

The code was a simple replacement system in which symbols stand either for letters, or for common words and names. But it would still have taken centuries to crunch all the possibilities, so the team used an algorithm that homed in on likely solutions.”

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Max Roberts,
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