Hi guys,

Hackers have posted what they claim to be over 5 million LinkedIn accounts. They claim they have hacked the accounts, and now they want to sell the information to buyers on the Internet. Unlike the LinkedIn hack in 2012, where 164 million records were hacked, it does not look like the hackers have done anything other than scrape information already available on the Internet and then build email addresses based on the information they have scraped.

The so-called hacked information is publicly available on LinkedIn. This is information that LinkedIn users want you to see. The hackers must be having a slow hack day if they are pretending to have hacked publicly available information.

You can read more from Troy Hunt by going to this website here, but just please be aware that if you are a LinkedIn user and you hear anything today or this week about your information being hacked, you are OK, and you’re safe.

It is a good moment now to do the following:

* Make sure you’re using a good, strong password and two-factor authentication. Combining these two keeps you safe from many threats regarding your online presence.

* Also, regularly check the privacy settings on your online accounts, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. The systems have advanced privacy settings, but most people do not use them. So take some time, make a cup of coffee, and go and look at their privacy settings. This is how you find the privacy settings for Linkedin by going HERE (Please make sure you are logged into your account when you click this.)

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I am sending you all the best on this beautiful Tuesday.