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A hacking group called Black Reward has hacked into the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization and posted 27GB of files containing 85,000 email messages that they claim are “perfect for researchers” on their Telegram channel.

The IAEA has confirmed in a POST that they were hacked and claimed to know what country is responsible, although they do not say who.

The hackers’ message is signed “For women, life, freedom,” which refers to the death of Mehsa Amini, the young lady who died in the custody of Iran’s “moral” police force.

What happened here reminds me of the Stuxnet virus from years ago that successfully destroyed dozens of Iranian centrifuges critical in the Uranian enrichment process. This virus put Iran’s nuclear capability back many years. Nobody knows who was behind Stuxnet, but we know the government made it. Stuxnet making its way into a nuclear facility is straight out of a James Bond film. If you have 5 mins, you should read the Stuxnet story.

It is a fantastic read –


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