Hi Guys,

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has pushed back plans to enable end-to-end encryption as the default on Facebook Messenger and Instagram until 2023. This means that unlike WhatsApp, which is fully encrypted, Facebook messenger and Instagram users will not be fully secure for another two years.

Without end to end encryption:

* Your messages can be intercepted and read as you send and receive them.

* Your messages can be accessed and read by Facebook employees/Law enforcement while stored on their servers.

* All of your communications could be siphoned off and used to build a profile of you for marketing or other purposes.

If you are a user of Facebook Messenger and Instagram, please be careful about what you talk about. Your messages are not fully private. 

You might also want to look at other more secure messaging applications like Signal or Telegram. These two messaging apps are not bulletproof, but they are a much more secure and privacy-focused alternative. 


Max Roberts,

Incognito Privacy Care Team