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Here is another example of an innocent-looking app that can spy on you. Thanks to Bruce Schneier for the original POST

Attendees of the COP27 climate summit in Egypt are advised not to download the event’s official app. In addition to giving its users directions and hotel recommendations, it could also be used to hack private emails, texts, and even voice conversations.

As per the full article on Politico that you can read HERE

“Western security advisers are warning delegates at the COP27 climate summit not to download the host Egyptian government’s official smartphone app, amid fears it could be used to hack their private emails, texts and even voice conversations.

……The app is being promoted as a tool to help attendees navigate the event. But it risks giving the Egyptian government permission to read users’ emails and messages. Even messages shared via encrypted services like WhatsApp are vulnerable, according to POLITICO’s technical review of the application, and two of the outside experts.

The app also provides Egypt’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, which created it, with other so-called backdoor privileges, or the ability to scan people’s devices.

On smartphones running Google’s Android software, it has permission to potentially listen into users’ conversations via the app, even when the device is in sleep mode, according to the three experts and POLITICO’s separate analysis. It can also track people’s locations via smartphone’s built-in GPS and Wi-Fi technologies, according to two of the analysts.

By installing this app, you are potentially giving full access to your phone, its data, and even the accounts your phone is connected to. Be careful what you install. Also, if you are going to an event that requires the installation of a government-related app, bring a spare phone with you and only have what you need on it and nothing more.

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