Hi guys,

In the past few months, we have seen how vulnerable governments and defense companies are to being hacked. We reported on hackers breaking into a major missile manufacturer and stealing sensitive information to sell on the dark web. We saw hackers (1000000% state-sponsored hackers) destroying satellite communications devices on the day Russia started its invasion of Ukraine. We even saw proof of concept hacking of StarLink.

And today, as reported by Diario de Noticias, the Armed Forces General Staff agency of Portugal has been cyber attacked, resulting in the theft of classified NATO documents, which are now for sale on the dark web.

The EMGFA, commanded by the Chief of Staff, Admiral Silva Ribeiro, was the target of a “prolonged and unprecedented cyberattack” that resulted in the exfiltration of classified NATO documents.

The National Security Office is still investigating the extent of the damage, but suspicions of the security breach that facilitated the exfiltration of secret NATO documents fall on EMGFA, secret military, and MDN computers.

To make it worse, the agency didn’t know they had been hacked until they were told by a US intelligence agency that “hundreds of documents sent by NATO to Portugal, classified as Secret and Confidential, for sale on the dark web.”

I am just sending you info like this to show you how vulnerable systems that are supposed to be the most secure in the world can be easily breached. I am concerned that if these military devices can be attacked and destroyed on a large scale, how vulnerable are other systems that laypeople use, such as phone networks, utility companies, banks, etc? Or even the Internet.

I will keep you posted.

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Max 🙂